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Mobile App IZZY

Communicate with Izzy

Our core app Izzy (The Speech Assistant) is a system of simple graphic boards organised into categories aiming at facilitating the communication process. Pictures convey messages that are read out loud on a click. App is available in various languages.

In the extended version, there is an option to monitor and record each selected picture and communication on the separate system.

That’s how Izzy can be a visual extension for the emergency button. Also, a caregiver on the phone can be notified about each actions made by the patient.

Mobile App BUDDY

Connect with Buddy

The extended supplementary application Buddy (The Connecting Assistant) enables patients, doctors and family members to exchange texts, photos and video updates on the patient’s status throughout the hospital experience in a safe and secure app.

Monitoring Software

Monitor with Rosie

Our central application Rosie (The Remote Monitoring System) is a central system that receives and displays notifications about selected pictures. The communication can be done remotely and more precisely than in case of a simple emergency button. It is especially useful in case of care units where one person supervises different patients.

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