User Testing stage

‘Izzy’ Beta 

Hello! Thank you for your interest in app Izzy. We’re excited to have you join our beta stage & test ‘Izzy’ app.

We appreciate your feedback and look forward to hearing your thoughts on it.



Mobile app: Izzy 
Created by: NeuroAssist Solutions Team
Operating system: Android

App ‘Izzy’ has been designed to enable people with limited articulation possibilities to communicate with others.

As a stand alone mobile app, ‘Izzy’ is a communication board (Augmentative and Alternative Communication (AAC) application) that allows to communicate precisely using image, text and voice generator. The application is especially useful for people with Autism, Aspergers, stroke and types of cerebral palsy.

Getting started

We are still in a closed beta stage, so please send us your Gmail address and we’ll add you as an internal tester.

You will need a Google account ( or a G-Suite account to join a test.

Installation steps

You will receive an email invitation with a download link for the app.

Link to the app also available below. 

Click and install the app on your phone/tablet. 


Testing & feedback

Use the app and think of any improvements or additions.

How do I give feedback?

Go to the link to Izzy app that we sent you at the beginning. When in Google Play, scroll down to see “Private feedback to developer” where you can write your comments. 

App Izzy Beta


Izzy App + Integration with Rosie system

App Izzy can be integrated with a central system ‘Rosie’ a (cloud-based assistive technology) that allows constant user message monitoring, receiving notifications and keeping track of the user communication profile.

Additionally, user behaviour is analyzed by AI module that helps to predict future user requests and notifies about its estimates.

Integration with Amazon’s Alexa App helps fully immobilized patients to use voice commands. 

This integration enables the carers/ care centers that look after people with speech difficulties to receive precise requests, alerts and messages communicated by the patient.

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